The Saxo brand has low awareness and people do not know our story. This impacts the quality of leads and the number of new trading and investment clients. There is a need for broad coverage across target groups with a Saxo Bank brand message that will increase attention in tactical messaging for multiple target groups. 

To attract new trading and investment clients (switchers, new, and dormant) To increase awareness and consideration of the Saxo brand as well as SaxoTraderGo
The idea behind the concept is to highlight the benefits and control people have gained from recent innovations in other industries, and relate them to the world of trading and investing and to our own products and technology innovations.

We show everyday situations where technologies have improved the status quo and enabled people, allowing them to do something now that they could not have done before. We take simple, relatable examples of recent disruptions people have already adopted into in their daily lives – and then link them back to what we do in our industry, which is to provide the tools that enable more people to trade and invest in a professional way. We give people direct access to multi-assets, global markets, expertise, and service.
Creative description
Technology has changed the way we access music, stay in touch with each other, find romance, and how we consume. Now it is time to change the way we handle our money as well.

“Let’s change the way we trade”

This is our rallying cry. Our movement.  It is not just a creative concept through which we tell our story; it is also a call to action!

It allows us to tell our story in an emotional way, focusing on client benefits on both a brand level and on a tactical level, promoting SaxoTraderGO, SaxoSelect, bonds online, Multi-Asset and other specific offers.
Media and channels:
The concept works in films and web executions and has serious legs for social activation and for native content. Also, we can easily take it to static executions on banners, print and OOH.

Shelf life:
We can stay relevant over time with a consistent story and message by continuing to build on innovations and developments from other industries and from everyday life.

Strategic (brand) and tactical executions:
Disruptive technologies are changing the status quo and enabling people to do something they could not have done before. Enabling and democratising...
     ‘Let’s change the way we trade’…
from the old/restricted/manual way to the new/open/accessible/digital way
from relying on an expensive fund manager to being self-empowered
from having no access to information and global markets to being in control
from trading one asset class to diversifying via multi-asset investments
from trading based on gut feelings to trading based on expert analysis
from trading on a static workstation to trading on multiple devices
from being left alone to leveraging copy and mirror trading technologies
from the hassle of needing multiple accounts to having a single account
from high costs to affordable solutions
from hidden fees to transparent pricing
from trading bonds via a trading desk to buying them online
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